Friday, April 11, 2014

Art: Integrating Art

This week we had to take a basal and integrate art into a weeks worth of lessons. This was a fun, but challenging, project. The basal we selected was for 2nd grade and the theme was animals and their homes. This was a pretty easy enough theme but we really had to stretch to fill in an entire weeks worth of art lessons.
One of the projects we decided to integrate was an illustration the students would do, after their reading, that helped to explain what they had just read. Because we think it is very important to expose children to different types of mediums, we included in the lesson that the children would use pastels for this project.
Another project we included requires students to act out their vocabulary words. we thought this was a good activity that would help our students to have a deep understanding of new words.
We also included collage projects, poetry, and dioramas in our unit. Here is a picture of a sample diorama we created:

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