Friday, April 11, 2014

Art: Learning Through Drama

A couple weeks ago our professor had us work in groups to put on a play for our class. This week we performed that play. It was an interesting experience and while I was not completely comfortable during this task, I can see it's usefulness in a classroom.

Performing dramas connects students with content in a unique way and requires them to have a good understanding of that content in order to recount it for their audience. There are so many different ways to use drama in a classroom. I would begin by reading through a small play with the students. I would discuss any new vocabulary terms with them and new cultural traditions within the play. I would also have the students do any research necessary to gain any background knowledge they would need to better understand the context of the play. Then, I would let them perform it however they wanted, if they wanted to get creative with it fine, if not that's fine too. I would then build on that process throughout the semester, ultimately having them create and act out their own plays. 

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