Friday, April 11, 2014

Art: Salt Painting

My art project for this week was salt painting. I had no idea what that was so I began a search on Google.
I found some amazing pieces:

I found some messy pieces:

And I found some pieces I will definitely do in my classroom someday:

It turns out there were a couple different ways you can do salt painting. One way was to do a watercolor and then sprinkle with salt. The other way was to draw/paint with glue, cover in salt, then paint the salt. I chose the last one.
It took me quite a few tries to get the look I wanted. I decided I would try to simply draw a picture with school glue, just squeezing it out as I go. The next thing I did was dump salt all over the glue, got out my water colors and started to paint. The problem was that the glue had not dried yet when I began painting so the salt got really clumpy. After a few miserable attempts, I decided to let the salt and glue dry for a couple of days. Then I painted it...and here's what I got:

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