Friday, April 11, 2014

Social Studies: Paper Clips

This week we watched a documentary about a small school in Tennessee that did something amazing. In 1998 while the students were learning about the holocaust, they became overwhelmed trying to understand the massive amount of human lives lost during the war, specifically people who died in concentration camps and similar situations. They decided they wanted to try to collect something that could signify what 6,000,000 looked like, since 6,000,000 lives were lost under the authority of Adolf Hitler.
So, with their teachers support, they decided to collect paper clips. 6 million paper clips. As it turned out, paper clips were chosen in part because during the war, people in Norway wore them on their lapels as a symbol of resistance against Nazi occupation.

The project ended up taking about 3 years to complete. The students received paper clips from people all over the world, and many from people whose lives had been affected by the holocaust. It was an amazing movie and an amazing project.

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