Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bad Dog

It's 3 degrees outside and I just took my dog for a mile long walk. Seriously, I wonder if any passers-by called PETA about me. Oh, maybe they'll come take him away!! Did I mention that that same dog ate Mathew 1-6 from my favorite bible today? If you need the # of the local PETA group, please google it. Now.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Blah Day

So, today was just that. Blah. We had an awesome small group gathering last night. Seriously, these people...these friends, I don't know what I'd do without them. This is the group I feel most myself in. Most comfortable with. Happiest with. We meet every Sunday night. We've been together for more than 2 years now and they feel to me like family. So anyway, we didn't get home until around 10. This morning the girls were up at their usual 6:30... A.M. people! I don't understand. Sleep in for the love of all things.

Anywho, school starts at 9. By 11:30 we needed to head out to the grocery store because literally the only thing in the fridge were 2 decaying green peppers. And I was told more snow was coming so I figured I better head out. Well, by the time we returned home the girls were starving. I fed them...lunchables (Mommy was tired too)...and sat down myself with some of my Dads AWESOME split pea soup. After lunch the plan was to finish up our school work. We still had spelling, history (the Greeks get an alphabet), and penmanship to go. Yikes! Emily could barely keep her eyes open. So, I called it a day. I told her she could go play. I didn't want her to take a nap because it's so hard to put them to bed when they've had naps. And I NEED a 7pm bedtime.

Well, I'm sure you can picture the rest in your head already. Cranksters!!! Running amok in my home. Tears every 15 minutes. Complaining and bickering every 10. So, by the time Merkle got home at 6 I collapsed in a heap on the couch and laid there. Dear, sweet, loving Merkle took over. I love that man. And not because he saves me from the dragons who try to slay me. I know Mom and Dad "what? Those angels?" Yes! Them!

But it's all over now. And tomorrow is a new day. And I know it will be a better day. My dragon slayer will be home all day.