Thursday, March 25, 2010

There is a list a mile long I am trying to catch up on...

Need to get registered for the classes I'm planning on taking this summer,
Worry about said classes,
Signing up girls for summer camp,
Major paperwork regarding an issue I will expand on at a later date,
Planning short trip with family to Chicago in May (trying to squeeze in as many sights as possible in our short time frame, including but not yet limited to Cubs game and shopping at American Girl Store),
Need to still fill out a FAFSA form,
Must get in paperwork (8 pages) for Workforce One scholarship,
Trying not to lose the 100 raffle tickets that are in my care,
Getting girls ready for softball this summer,
VBS craft lady...ME,
Sunday School lesson for Easter (the BIG one),
And how to pay for it all...

P.S. Not to mention all the great books I'm trying to read!

Friday, March 5, 2010

I'm Back

Ok, so it's been awhile since I last posted. I have reasons people. The first of those being...I'M BACK AT PAGES!!!!! I can't believe it! It was not my plan. Go get your coffee, sit back, lower your expectations and let me tell you about it...
So I had been having dreams constantly about the girls I used to work with. You remember. At thebestjobontheplanet job.
Anyway so I finally called said girls and begged them to have dinner with me so I could see their faces again. They conceded. They may or may not have seen me driving miles out of my way to strain my neck as I drive by the new store hoping to get a glimpse of something, anything. They may have been a little afraid. I can't blame them. I was stalking the building. There. I said it. It's true and now it's out there.
Anywho, so we're sitting there having dinner and drinks when LovelyFreida said that Jen (the new owner of PITF) said I could come see the new store. That night! I almost fell out of my chair. We immediately paid our tab and ran out the door. At least I think we paid. KIDDING. Always kidding.
Anywho, I walked in and nearly cried. It is so beautiful! So green. So pretty. So smelly good. I walked around the store stroking the new paper, telling it how lovely it was. I was home again. The next few moments are a complete blur to me but somehow the next morning I was there stocking shelves and getting PAID to stroke the paper! Behold the NEWbestjobontheplanet. (be sure to click on the team button while you're there)
And guess what? I called Workforce One the next day to inquire about my scholarship to go back to school and they said I would still qualify since it's just a part time job!!!
How Did This Happen To Me?
Life Is Good.
Smelly Good.