Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Feelin' kinda blue right now.

Last May, as in May of 2009 my sweet girls got their ears pierced. Well, Emily had no problems whatsoever with hers. I think she probably could have changed them the day after having them pierced. But poor sweet Grace ended up with both of her ears infected. It was really a horrible experience. There was blood and oooze and all kinds of nasty things going on with hers the whole 6 weeks she kept them in. So, we let them close up. Now, that was 16 months ago! So, Grace wanted to try it again. Totally her idea. So, we took her back and had them done:
Well, for 6 weeks Grace has taken SUCH good care of her little ears and everyday she turned them. So, today she wanted to change them so badly but she was so scared. Now, let me tell you it is no easy feat trying to get the back off of someone else's earring. So I pulled and when I did it turned out there was a bit of dried up stuff and it hurt like crazy when it came out. She was crying, I was crying. It was turning red. AAAGGHH!! I didn't know what to do. I wasn't about to try to take out the other one. So, I figured I should put this one back in and clean it really good and just keep it in for a few more weeks.
My poor sweet child.
Why is it when your child has pain it wretches your own heart to the point of unbearableness?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Free At Last!!

So, the last time I posted I was getting ready to take my final in History class. Let me tell you how that turned out!
First of all, at the beginning of the semester our professor passed out a study guide that had roughly 80 topic points on it. It was very detailed in what we were to be studying. After about the 40th point we had our midterm. Basically it was all WWI. I got an A. So from the midterm on every study point was about Japan, China, and WWII. So I spent three weeks memorizing Japanese history from 1870-1945 and the detailed facts of the beginnings of and the results of WWII. So, Monday afternoon we all walk into class and he puts on the board our 3 choices for essay:
1)Russian History 1880's on
2)German History 1870-1945
3)The causes of WWI
Some classmates behind me said "Um, you have up there WWI" to which he said "yes! WWI!" And they said "but it says ONE! WW ONE!!" You see, he's Russian and quite difficult to understand so we figured we were having a communication breakdown. A 411 911 if you will. So, I raise my hand and say "So what your saying is that we really didn't even need to come to class at all the last 3 weeks??!!"
Sidebar: I know what many of you are thinking. Alice, don't you have the desire to learn about these events anyway? And my answer to that is, YES! Which is why I read about WWII constantly. To go and sit for 6 1/2 hours every week and watch 30 year old films is NOT learning.
OK, so I picked essay question #2 since I pretty much have WWII down pat. However I could not for the life of me locate in my brain any info on Germany prior to 1917.
So, After class I walked out completely deflated. Out in the hallway a poor girl from my class was crying! She started yelling at me "Can you believe that c**p!!" Oy!
So, I have been waiting...waiting...finally they posted our grades on line. Alice gets a B+!! Thank you Lord! Not the A I was hoping to get out of one of my favorite subjects but this class has been a nightmare and I am so happy with my grade!! And next semester is going to be a blast! Math (blah), Intro to Scientific Inquiry and...wait for it...Children's Literature! Yes! My specialty. I'm serious.
Let's see, 2 semesters this summer with two Russian professors. Is IUSB trying to prove something? Anyone taking bets on this coming up semester?

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Well, I'm freaking out. Tomorrow is my final in World History and I am utterly drowning in information. I can't keep straight Japan and China and Hitler and Manchukuo and Manchuria and Manthis and Manthat. I've got dates in my head screaming at me but...BRIGHT SIDE: at least their drowning out the voices usually screaming at me.
This class has been brutal and I just want it over. I so wanted an A in this class. I got an A on our midterm. But I felt pretty good going into that. This one has me FREAKED!! At this point I just want to pass. If I have to take this class over I will die.
Summer is over. The girls start school on Tuesday and we have yet to buy one stupid pencil or gluestick. Ok, slightly passive aggressive. "Stupid" was a bit harsh. It's just that this class has been a thorn in my side for 6 weeks and I just want tomorrow to be done. I want to take my daughters school shopping. I want to not drop out of college again. I want to pass this class!!!! Darn it Japan! Why did you have to get involved with WWII, Europe is enough to remember. I simply have no more room in my brain for your imperialistic drama!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I have been facially profiled!

It's been going on for years. But until this morning at 11:30 I didn't know exactly what it was or why it was happening.
Let me give you the 411 (for those of you not in the know, that will be appearing in Street Talk with Lamanjillo under the root word "information") on what went down this morning:

So I'm in a new class that is just for teachers. It's my first class of that sort and p.s.
...I LOVE IT!!!
Anyway, so our professor (who is the shizzle, if I do say so myself) has been telling us stories about her experiences as an elementary teacher. They are hysterical! I find them completely fascinating. So today she's telling us about this student she had one time who had some disorder...COULDN'T TOUCH THE GROUND!!! I kid you not. Totally ground phobic. And I can hear your whispering to yourselves now "Oh No, please don't let Alice get this one." Quit it, I say.
Anyway, so I'm sitting there along with my fellow classmates with our eyes wide and jaws to the ground. She's telling us this poor kid would run into class like a bolt of lightening and jump onto his desk. Eventually she needed to place crates all around the room and into the potty so the kid could get through each day.
Now, I know you think I'm making this up but I assure you, I am not.
So I raise my hand and say "shouldn't someone have told you that this was coming?" My teacher says "ummmmm, no." And then I say "could you find out if the kid was getting help?" And she starts telling me that it is illegal to even ask (which is another story all together) and this my friends, is where the profiling began.
Now, I know that when most people look at me they hear doves cooing in the background and see butterflies fluttering 'round my head. So these "street smart" little just-out-of-high-school-thugs start saying to me "Dang girl, you need to get chureself to some South Bend public skew. You need tasee da re-al world, girl."
Oh. No.
Really? So because I find "fear of the GROUND!!" to be slightly off kilter, I apparently am living too sheltered of a life!?!?!? ARRRGGG!!!
Because I find "fear of the GROUND!!" a little off in left field, I am not living in the real world?!?!? ARRGGGG!!!
Keep Calm And Carry On, Alice! Gonna get an A...Gonna get an A...Gonna get an A...

P.S. Anyone want to guess how many times the word diversity has come up in this education class?