Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Monday, April 27, 2009

Weko Beach

Well, yesterday was a groundhog day for us. After church Mark and I decided to take the kids up to Silver Beach to fly kites. Of course we got lost. Not lost exactly, just couldn't find St. Joe. But as we traveled up Red Arrow Highway we came across Weko Beach and decided to go there instead. My folks have hosted quite a few fully awesome cookouts up there so we knew it was a good beach so we went in. And I am so glad we did. It was perfect. And as much as I love Silver Beach...I think I like Weko more.

Now, two years ago when we went up in April to do this it was FREEZING!! So of course yesterday I made the girls wear long pants and long sleeve shirts and I packed hats and jackets. Hee Hee. What a goof! It was sooooo beautiful. The air was the perfect temperature. It was a bit cloudy and great wind for flying kites. We had such a great day.