Saturday, June 18, 2011

Well, That was Quick

Cookie is now a momma.
Daddy was setting up his brand new t.v. and the girls and I were playing with Lucky saying "are you gonna be an uncle?" over and over and it finally occurred to me that we hadn't checked for babies in a few hours so Grace ran upstairs and came back down and said, yep, he's an uncle.
WHAT?? Are you serious? She looked so calm, no big deal...yep, the sky is still blue.
So we all four ran upstairs and ...look what we found...

She had three beautiful little babies. One is light brown and white, just like his daddy. One is light brown, dark brown and white, just like mommy. And one was black and white, but that little sweetheart died. So we have 2 perfect little furry sweet babies in our home now. We couldn't be happier...

Funny, while we were ooing and cooing over our sweet little bundles we heard this noise, turned around and guess what daddy is doing?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Oh boy...or girl...or two boys and a girl...two girls three boys...

So, around the beginning of April my mom got a couple of guinea pigs.
This is Cookie, cute as can be, photo submitted for evidence:

Cookie is son *wink*wink*to Teddy:

So, of course the girls
Every time they went to Grandma and Grandpa's house all I heard about was Cookie this and Teddy that. Well, the girls asked if they could save their allowance and buy themselves a couple of guinea pigs. After much discussion and warnings about having predator (Lucky, our dog) and prey (guinea pigs) living in the same home and the care that would take, they decided they were up to the task.
So they saved and saved and when they earned enough money, Grandma said they could have Cookie and Teddy and then we could just donate the money saved to Pet Refuge. So today we went and bought $60 worth of doggie/kitty supplies and took them over. Anyway, back to the pigs...

So about 2 weeks ago I noticed that Cookie was growing exceptionally large, and in a weird way a light bulb. The (almost) illegal kind. Check this out...

Well, guess what...yep, we're going to have baby guinea pigs! Wanna see how cute they're gonna be? ***Not Our Babies***Found this picture online...

I KNOW!!! You want to call me right now and beg for one of the yet to be born babies don't you? I will be taking applications for the right family very soon...I will keep you posted.

Friday, June 10, 2011

A thought to put before you...

So, in my Irish History class I sit next to a young woman who is set to graduate this fall. A couple of weeks ago we had an interesting conversation that I thought I'd share with you, now that I'm blogging again.

We sit behind Sam, who I got to know in a previous class. It was time to turn in our papers and Sam turned and offered to take our papers up for us. Ever the match maker, I said "Sam is a gentleman, and ya know they're few and far between these days." Well, silly me, I forgot that women these days aren't interested in gentlemen.

So, continuing the conversation, I casually offered my opinion that the reason gentlemen are few and far between anymore is because women have so shamelessly lowered the bar for men. Well, she completely disagreed and offered her opinion on the situation. She believes that men have reverted back to their natural state of un-civilized-ness because women no longer need men. That's right my wise readers, she said women no longer NEED men! because...wait for it...women can have babies on our their now. Women have good jobs and can support themselves now.

I argue that she has a FALSE (and dangerous) idea of independence. She thinks because she CAN do something that that then is how it SHOULD be done? So, her plan is to intentionally deprive her child of a father, intentionally deprive herself of a lifelong partner, intentionally deprive her child of a peaceful two parent choose this life for a child...I sadly believe that my classmate is in the majority in her thinking. We've come a long way, baby.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Here I Go Again...

Yes, I'm gonna try this again.
This time I will not pressure myself to write huge and meaningful posts.
This time it's okay if what I write is not of intrest to anyone but myself.
This time I will not make myself feel like I need a photo for every post.
This time I'm just gonna write what's on my heart.
Hope you can handle it.