Sunday, January 1, 2012

Pre Christmas

Well, while it appears no one is interested in what may be a budding pandemic of rabies, I will, as your friend, keep you abreast of any updates (regarding the status of rabies in the United States) that I receive through my email correspondence with the World Health Organization and the CDC. You can thank me later. Now on to more pressing news...
I don't feel that I can properly jump into our Christmas celebrations without first sharing with you our holiday preparations. As you can see from the picture above, we have had an elf visiting our house over the past month. His name is Ben and he showed up on our kitchen counter on Dec. 1st, tucked away sleeping in a tiny little bed-in-a-box. He made a few crazy trips around our home and has since vanished.

Ben coloring on garage floor.
The girls then spent a special evening out with grandpa seeing It's a Wonderful Life at the Debartolo. They always love to get dressed up in beautiful dresses.

And of course Christmas concerts...

Mr. Swihart...AWESOME music teacher
Check out that cute hair!
Our very first time doing gingerbread houses. Thanks so much to the awesome Norton family. Hey Jill!!

And last day of school treats...