Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Another year over, and a new one just begun...

So, here are my obligatory resolutions for 2011:
1.) Blog. I'm thinking maybe every Sunday evening with a recap of the weeks events.
2.) Stay on track to graduate with honors. All A's baby.
3.) Get my haircut. There is absolutely nothing wrong with short term goals.
4.) Attempt flying again. This time I'm seeing me on lots of (legal) drugs and a BiG airplane.
5.) Do better at making sure my kids are ahead of the game. Edjacationaly speaking. Here are some of my ideas I would like to implement, beginning tomorrow:
a.) poem and/or Bible verse memorization each week.
b.) hardcore math fact memorization.
c.) geography memorization.
6.) Learn how to convince myself that I actually Do know what's best for my kids and not to give a cows tail what anybody else thinks.

And now for a recap of some of the Merrill Family highlights from 2010:

Had a great time at the kick off party for Jackie Walorski. We ended up being on a bunch of campaign fliers she sent out.

I love this picture of one of Grace's many creations. She made this bicycle out of pennies while I was reading to her one morning.

Ahhh, breakfast at Krispie Kreme in our PJ's.

And one of our favorite traditions, St. Pats at the Knights of Columbus with the Kensingers and Weirengas.

Easter dinner, check out the folded silverware/napkins!

And Easter with the Merrills...

Another favorite thing we love to do: Kensinger/Wierenga protesting.

Every year we go up to Lake Michigan in the early early spring to play around.

Caught my girls cuddled up together reading.

Grace and Lucky...

The beginnings of cowgirls...

OMGoodness! Springhill Camp is the BeSt!

And of course, camping with Grandpa...always an adventure! And usually a pretty goofy one!

At the rodeo!

This was the BesT 4th of July fireworks display EVER! Beutter park with the whole gang.

And of course the fair. Thank goodness for daddy...mama does NoT do roller coasters!

We got to spend a few days in Chicago this summer. This is Grace and daddy building a little house at the Children's Museum on Navy Pier.

And, time for school to start. This year began a new adventure for Grace, a whole new school!

And check out this AweSome pumpkin patch we found up in Michigan. They had a zip line, gem sifting, all kinds of great fun. We will definitely be coming back here again this fall.

Shopping in Middlebury. Who knew a hardware store could be so much fun?

And finally, waiting to see if Santa came...