Thursday, February 27, 2014

Art: Building a Creative Classroom

  Today we discussed different things we could do to build a creative classroom. We talked about possible design features of a creative classroom: colorful, eclectic, untidy, lots of movement. We also talked about what it means to each of us to have a creative classroom.
  I think having a creative classroom means allowing kids the opportunity to express themselves without fear of being laughed at or ridiculed. I think you should provide students with plenty of opportunities to make mistakes and grow. I also think a creative classroom should provide lots of ways for kids to express their creativity with things like clay, watercolors, sand, sticks, paper, scissors, glue, fabric, photography, hammers and nails (being always aware of safety), boxes, books, pencils, and journals. 

Feed and nourish both sides of the brain

Social Studies: Civic Awareness

  Today our class talked about classroom rules. Our professor asked us to bring in a list of the classroom rules that are (or should be) posted within each of our field classrooms. I brought in the school rules that hang in my classroom:

  I think these are great rules, as long as they are frequently and clearly defined.
  Our class had a great discussion on some non-negotiable rules we would likely have in our own classrooms. We discussed things like no tolerance of physical, emotional, or sexual violence or inappropriateness. We also had no stealing, no bullying, no lying, no cheating, and one that I personally think is important...always taking responsibility for your actions and the choices you make and saying your sorry.

Art: A Walk Around

  Today our class took a walk around our new building to find beauty in places you wouldn't normally look for beauty. Then we went into the Art Departments beautiful studio. There was amazing art from local high schools hanging around the perimeter of the room. I was shocked that the pieces we saw were made by such young people. So many of them were really amazing. And we got to see ways of making art I never would have thought of, or even know existed. It was nice to have the opportunity to see the talent we have in our own community.

IUSB Arts Education photo

Social Studies: Civic Responsibility

   In class today we discussed the important topic of civic awareness and how to teach it in the classroom. We discussed the different aspects of civic awareness such as tolerance, patriotism, and respect for authority. We also discussed ways citizens can demonstrate awareness. Our class came up with a great list including things like supporting the arts, volunteering, buying local, supporting community events, voting, recycling, and donating.
   We also had an assignment due that required us to take a picture of what we thought was the most important civic duty. I submitted a picture of a stack of newspapers because one of my biggest pet-peeves is people telling others "you have to vote; it's your responsibility." No, I say if someone has to be commanded to go vote then they probably don't know enough about the issues to make an educated decision. So I say, if you don't understand or keep yourself abreast of the issues then PLEASE don't vote!!!